Arul Dave

Hello My Friend,

I am Arul Dave, really very happy to meet you all here. I just completed my bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering but selected my career in Information Technology. Somebody may ask that why you have chosen this career instead of grab the better job in electronics industry. The career change has happened due to the interest I had at that time when I got completed my studies.

Actually working in an IT industry is really very interesting and one can get up to date information about how the World is moving on and the information around the technology. It's being really great to be a small part of this IT World. So my career selection didn't go wrong. Now I am working for the IT and Telecom application development company Daviker LTD. My role is to handle all of the digital marketing related tasks and website optimization tasks. Now I'm responsible for the online marketing for the Predictive Dialler Software. The job I undertake is really interesting and challenge. I love challenges No one will be looks great if he is not ready to take challenges

Feel free to contact me if you want to be friends or just chat about similar interests.


With Best Wishes,

Arul Dave