Arun Ranganath

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I was born and raised in Bangalore, India and grew up with a global outlook. I belong to the last generation of people who grew up in the offline world and transitioned into the modern, hyper-connected world.

Following excellent education as a cost & management accountant (CMA) and MBA (Finance - Gold Medalist), I expanded my professional horizons as a Strategic Market Analyst in both IT and top consulting firms. Over time, I was fortunate to develop a multitude of skills in management consulting, competitive and market intelligence, corporate strategy, business planning and corporate finance.

Outside of work, I firmly believe that sports in general, and cricket in particular, has every discernible element to educate anybody to tackle the vagaries of life. And add to that, the magic of music - there is a song for every mood/occasion in life. Travel, is the other great source to completely open one's vistas.

Outside of work, I love travelling, watching cricket and learning the nuances of the game, detective/ suspense movies, listening to music (classical, musical, western, Indian, Bollywood, Kenny G, Kishore Kumar) . I do believe that there is a Kishore Kumar song for every mood and situation in life for any human being - the man is a genius!

I am a very, very, very big cricket lover. I grew up playing street cricket in my neighbourhood and have thoroughly enjoyed the metamorphosis of this great sport over time. I once even competed in a national competition in India, that was on the lookout for a sports broadcaster/cricket commentator. That game means a lot to me, especially its purest form, Test match cricket (though I do like one-day internationals). I firmly believe that the lessons that sport has taught me are lessons that I can very well apply to my life. Such is the power of sport. Apart from cricket, I love watching lawn tennis, badminton, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, football (soccer).

As a huge believer in strong and effective communication, I have honed my skills in public speaking from a very early age and have led winning teams in debating competitions at school, college and university levels. Nowadays, I am a prolific blogger and very active on social media.

Look forward to engaging with you on this forum.

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    • SAP
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    • Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India
    • ITM Business School