Arun Sharma

stem cell biologist in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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I am a scientist with a passion for stem cell biology, cardiology, genome editing, and space science. I aim to pursue a career as a leader in biomedical research specializing in regenerative medicine and emerging biotechnologies.

My research focuses on the applications of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for studying cardiovascular biology, modeling diseases "​in a dish" using CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, and high-throughput screening of drug toxicity. These iPSCs are poised to revolutionize biomedicine because they provide a bioethical alternative to embryonic stem cells since they are derived from adult skin or blood samples.

I enjoy science mentorship, bioethics, and science policy. As such, I have mentored students in the laboratory, taught courses as a lecturer and teaching assistant, and managed science outreach programs.

I also am an advocate for conveying science to the general public through social media and public speaking, and I have participated in nationally-televised press conferences relevant to my work. To see what's on my mind, follow me on Twitter at @ArunSharmaPhD!

  • Work
    • Harvard Medical School
  • Education
    • Duke University
    • Stanford University