Arunabh Kalita

Bangalore, India

I am Arunabh, an entrepreneur based in Bangalore, India. I hail from the beautiful state of Assam. I have been always passionate about technology and business. My first business venture was at the age of 15 when i published a school journal named "Synergy" ,with my friends. I have never been inclined towards conventional education and believe in self study and knowledge through experience. Hence the rat race of studies and jobs never appealed to me right from the start.My next venture was SparkedMinds, a digital publication on innovation and creativity around the world, covering the best of talented minds and their work. I have a lot of upcoming projects along with starting my first commercial venture Aerix Innovations, Inc. Its a product development, design and R&D firm with interests in Consumer Products, Internet, Software/Apps, Education. Its goal is to develop innovative products/services which have a positive impact on the lives of people. Among its first launches are a crowdsourcing innovation platform, which also enables people discovery. An online e-commerce venture based solely on innovative products in underway. We are also launching knowledge sharing events, with talks, seminars and workshops by distinguished people in forefront of their field.I am active in Social Media sites and you can follow me there.