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*_I am Arun Aggarwal. I am a simple,down to earth and a man of extraordinary interests and tastes and like ONLY the best on earth and so I am aristocrat too! I am a commerce graduate and Diploma holder in Computers from APTECH with distinction. *_

*_I have vivid interests but in all I can say that I like everything except filth and idiocy. I am very fond of making and having True, generous and superb friends but such friends are very rare so I have few ones mostly my old friends and celebrities. *_

*_I was working for National Insurance Co.Ltd and at present taking up consumer matters and problems independently. I am very ardent lover of music, acting, photography and visiting genuine and clean websites. *_

As everyone knows, I am a superstar blood donor of India and did 217 donations till now.And motivator too.Pledged my eyes in 1982 to Times Eye Research Foundation.I am always ahead of others when someone comes crying and want to get help in anyway. Countless VVIPs honoured me in past which is just to motivate others who say that we Don't Have Blood!

*_I have inbuilt nature of doing and getting justice. So my 03 pages are running on Facebook :Fight for rights,Raise your voice/Donate blood, Save a family and Adopt the Naturals and give up chemicals. *_

I always want that YOU SHOULD DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT ALWAYS, THAT OTHERS FOLLOW YOU. Awaiting to have my friends and visitors' responses to improvize more!!! All the best and await meeting great personalities now....