Arundati Rao

Chef in Hyderabad, India

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Home lover…Rains…Sea (esoteric child of the water god)…treks…dogs…nature wilds…Trains…Garfield…Alstroemaria blooms…Sunflower stretches…Spot 6 differences…Crossword attempts…Supper Nags…No sleepless nights….

I have been writing on food and life experiences for over 6 years. It has changed the way I look at food and life in general. I love cooking. It is my way of unwinding even after a hard day’s work, I find calm in the kitchen. To watch people enjoy something made in your kitchen is a joy. It has been my endeavor is to eat food that is fresh, seasonal and easy to prepare on a busy day / work night with mostly locally available produce.

I am a Psychology Graduate with a post graduate degree in International Business. My day job is that of a Behavioural Trainer. On the weekends you can find me usually being a dog slave if not teaching a class on chocolate making and baking.

I write content on food, recipes, lifestyle and travel for various newspapers and publishers regularly.

  • Work
    • Behavioral Training Consultant
  • Education
    • Masters in international business