Arunima Anand

Arunima Anand

If the rules of engagement are concerned here is a gestalt of the work that I am currently associated and of the ones I have done in the past:

I graduated with a degree in English Literature from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. A native of Bhagalpur in Bihar, I was awarded the Swapna Dev Memorial Award for academic excellence by UGC chairman Professor Ved Prakash.

One of my strong points is my ability to work on my own and with diverse teams delivering results. That's what led to being ranked in the 'A' category in the Young Scientist Talent Test, finishing second in athletics at the ICSE/ISC zonal sports meet .

My role was to bolster the marketing approach for which I was working with over one lakh identified self-help groups in collaboration with the Orissa Government's Mission Shakti Project.

To my good fortune I was selected for the Young India Fellwoship. It is a fully sponsored, one year Liberal Arts scholarship modeled on the Rhodes scholarship. At the Fellowship amongst the different subjects I studied , I constantly aimed at improvisation of my skills while aiming to learn the maximum from the diversity of my batchmates who came from rich, diverse backgrounds.

Post the successful completion of the Fellowship, I got an opportunity to work in the Consumer Insights Department of Star Network. I am currently looking after the Channel strategy which entails both the Hindi GEC and the niche English Channel Star World.

I am inspired by the banality of life in its purest form. Most of my ideas – be it about myself, people and the world in general – were shaped during my early years of stay at Bhagalpur and at Jesus and Mary College because of the people I met there and things I was part of. I learnt the importance of value creation and upholding one's choice in the face of all odds.

What really defines is my nature to explore and extrapolate, though a novice I firmly believe that there lies immense latent potential in our thoughts which when unleashed has the capability to change the way we perceive our world and the way our world perceives us.