Arunisha Lama

You are warmly welcome to my new home in the Web. Just to make a network between friendship seeker in this world, I created this website to link them easily and share everyone's view of friendship in a same table. I guess this site will help us to fulfill all of our friendly live self within. Don't forget to check my updates page every month, because I add a new matter almost a month. You can send me any news or matters and get in touch for new outlooks. This is just a place holder so you can see how the site would look like. Dear all my colleagues and friends let us try to remember once again whether we are far from each other. Past events are very very memorable to all of us. As said friendship never die, my school life friends and college friends are very much friendly and helpful to me. Obviously, we have tough competition and challenge each other in study arena. We must cope a good love and faith each other. We must respect our teachers, parents coz they guided us in a systematic way of living. Thank you once again for visiting this site.