I'm a Student/Java Enthusiast/Techie/Social Worker/Wannabe Photographer.... I'm a carcinoma survivor and I'm still fighting against it.

Music keeps me alive and I am great fan of the music genius A.R.Rahman...

Technology has always been my interest and I am almost crazy about it. Being around Computers is something that I like, and I love programming by choice and passion.

I am a quick learner and really enjoy changing my fields and line of work as per the need.

I have taken challenges, head-on so far, and am flexible enough to work and survive under various situations

I put passion and enthusiasm in every thing I do, and tend to deliver the perfect output from me, perhaps because of this, I might not work with something at all if I don't like it and it's nature.

I feel that I along with my confidence and my work can really make the world a better place to live, for everyone.