Arunkumar Venkataramanan

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Director in Bengaluru, India

Arunkumar Venkataramanan

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Director in Bengaluru, India

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Arunkumar Venkataramanan is an ML Practitioner, Consultant, Machine Learning SW Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Researcher, Founder, AI Chief & Managing Director at DeepBrainz, A DPIIT Recognized Bangalore Based AI Startup Company, An NVIDIA Inception Member, A Google Cloud Partner Member, An APN Technology Partner. He's 49th and Top 1% Kaggle Kernels Master ranked 38 & Top 0.2% Competitions Expert

He has over 6 years of experience in ML, Deep Learning and related areas such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing as independently, and at DeepBrainz Technologies Pvt Ltd

He has designed, developed, tested, deployed, maintained and improved ML models and ML infrastructure and software that uses these models

He loves to deliver state of the art big data and ML solutions and solves complex technical challenges also delivered data science solutions to business problems

He also has experience in Research -R&D Work on Artificial Intelligence, ML, and Deep Learning and related areas such as Computer Vision CV, NLP, Robotics, & future General AI AGI at DeepBrainz AI

His Passions range from AI Technology to AI Entrepreneurship. He's also passionate about Innovation, Research and Product Development, Organizational Leadership (Tech), Business, Strategy, Scalability, and Technology Startup, Programming, Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning ML, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Cloud and Distributed Computing

He hopes that he'll advance Tomorrow's State-of-the-art AI with DeepBrainz, Influencing Industries by Cutting-edge Technologies for "Empowering Humanity Universally" through R&D, Innovation & Breakthroughs

Above all, he has the key skill called "LEARNABILITY" with Growth Mindset (Grit) is helping him acquire all necessary skills of all Emerging Technologies Markets to pursue his DREAMS through Mission Vision & Core Values!

His one of the objectives is as follows, "To be an asset to the organization by working with honesty and determination and have challenges as his duty and opportunity to achieve professional and personal growth along with the organization."

He's also an Objectivist who's an alumnus of Cambridge School & Anna University graduated B.Tech has a current journey as an AI Entrepreneur & the future Innovator & Influencer!

He's a Deep Reinforcement Learning Enthusiast. He's writing the book, "Hands-on Deep Reinforcement Learning with Python" & will be released by Packt Publishing in near future.

  • Work
    • DeepBrainz
  • Education
    • Anna University, Chennai