Arun Prakaash V G

I, Arun Prakaash V G, am a Senior Business Analyst at Dell involved in social media listening services and consulting for end clients living in Chennai, TamilNadu. I have a degree in bachelor of commerce studied from Madras University (D G Vaishnav College) and Global Programme in Business Leadership from UK University of Wales.

Started my career as an analyst at TCS and took a break for a year to pursue my MBA and then joined the biggest retailer Wal-Mart as a market research analyst prior to social media analytics at Dell.

Co-founded along with my friend to register my opinion and ideas about Digital Business Services and to examine digital techniques and thereby help the generation to learn Digital themselves.

DigiePost are information and opinions around the world of internet, social, digital and analytics.

Happily married, foody, proud dad of a little angel named as Yakshini. Love cricket and hardcore fan of Brian Charles Lara and Super Star RajniKanth.