Arun Singh

I am a devoted son of my India Mom. I am a Fearless Patriot “The soil on which the sacred plant of prosperity thrives, is irrigated by the blood of patriots” My mission named 'Samkranti'(word means Revolution in a right direction) wishes our motherland to be great, noble, pure, prosper and worthy of her big mission in the world…to Protect this planet. It is set up to awaken Indian psyche which is transformed to blindly imitate the west and which condemns its own Indian culture and to inculate in youth a pride for the nation. This self pride is enough to galvanize the youth into serving the country.I want to feel the same happiness & satisfaction of my true Indian soul as was felt by the revolutionaries on seeing Indian Tiranga in place of Union Jack but I don’t want to mix any pain to my joy as was mixed to that of our revolutionaries on 15th Aug. 1947 due to partition of the motherland. I fear of nothing. Neither any type of cruelity, nor even death. But I am bewared of Jaychands and Jaygopals of my society, who can destroy the effort of years. I want to re recite the line on the success of Bharat 2050, which were sung by people of India on 15th Aug. 1947 – “Subah tak hum ladte rahe, jeene ko hum marte rahe” I still remember the laugh of Britishers on the Indian people of their Force about their foolishness of insulting their own mother under influence of inferiority, greed or fear. I can feel the pain due to insertion of nails in the bodies of Soldiers of INA, captured by Britishers, and I put salt on the wound periodically to maintain them refreshed so that the fire in my heart may increase continuously to take revenge from Anti-Indians. If I ignore the growth of weeds in my field, my nation, I will make a joke of the pain felt by those INA soldiers. If some one is forced to remain in dark for long, the ‘iris’ of his eyes may get expand and he may get used to live in the Darkness ! same is the situation of Bharatiyas today. I remember the words of Film actor Kamal Hassan, who even for busyness purpose, I don’t know exactly, makes a scene in his movie ‘Hindustani’ in ehich Senapati says, “Tumhaare anusaar mai ek khooni hu, par mere anusaar mai ek kisaan hu. Kharpatvar ukhadne wala !” I watched the movie when I was a child, but I was shaken from my inside on the dialogue. At last, I remember the Tricoloured Rakhis tied on my wrest by komal and her saying, “Promise me Kranti, you will protect my Nation. Either I live or die, you will protect the colours of