Arun Singh Rathore


I am a man of Passion. I am passionate for seeing you successful in all spheres. There is no bigger happiness than seeing others happy!

I was always interested in facilitation & knowledge sharing & fulfilled my craving by delivering on every available opportunity.

After completing MBA, I worked in the fascinating world of OD. Designing OD interventions for various clients until I finally decided to follow my true calling - Facilitating & Catalyzing in people's success. Yes, I measure my success by the success of the people I have touched.

My training style can sometimes be as forceful as a raging river or as subtle as a mrning dew! My neiche lies in employing ancient wisdom to teach modern concepts. "Balance" being the central idea in all my teachings - Not too loose, not too tight. Just Right!

  • Work
    • Corporate Trainer
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    • MBA