Arun Sunderraj


Just like olden days! people used to introduce themselves in every interview that they have faced. I'm one of them. Just like any other man I am minced into several palpable interpretations of me. Although I don’t come to you with optional avatars of me that you can choose, but most often your affinity with proximity of me decides which one to keep and which one to leave unexplored. My life taught me the wonderful things about the world, which I never dreamt about. Once I get to know the realities, I was like "Cartoon character accidentally, jumped into the real wold"​. In the beginning I roamed around the city to explore what kind of potential I have. The moment I came to know that I far beyond the reality and the modernized world. So isn't, yes it was. Just like the normal peoples, I tailored myself and my imaginary foot lines to become an active competitor. Life is yet to move, so loosing up is not an option. Hurdles to cross, so there is no option to stay in the pavilion. Here I'm and I am Arun Sunderraj

  • Work
    • Yahoo India Software Developement
  • Education
    • Bachelor Of Engineering in Aeronautical
    • Intermediate
    • SSLC