Aruruu ♡

Hello, just some words before you decide to follow me on @tsuberku ^-^

So, my name is Tscho but also known as Irl Aruru ;) I spam really much, not even kidding, about Anime but currently mainly about Kpop aka EXO ^^ I'm totally obsessed with EXO and the members (btw Chen is my bias hehe~ He is luv he is life♡) and if you don't like EXO please don't follow me ;3 I'm not in the mood of fanwars and stuff~ Besides EXO I love Anime, even I take a little break of them rn. I love Sword Art Online, Utawarerumono, Love Live!, Haikyuu! aaaand many more :3 My favorite characters are Yuuki Konno, Nozomi Tojo and Aruruu ♡ I don't usually claim characters, but Aruruu is an exception. She is mine and only mine tyvm. Aaaaand yes. I'm a pretty shy person, but I rly want to make new friends, so you are welcome to DM or Kik me :3 My friends are really precious and dear to me, so if you have a problem with them, you have a problem with me ;) Btw Elina is for me IRL Asuna, Stella IRL Sortiliena, Akane and Rurutie, Selena IRL Misaki and Henar IRL Rin tyvm ♡ If you can't deal with it, bye~ Last but not least, I will have maybe some phases where I will post depressive stuff and yeah, but I will try to avoid it. So if you can deal with this all, and you are an EXO-L and Anime fan, you are welcome to my personal hell ;)

See you~ Aruruu