Aleksey Iman Permyakov


I work in private business 23 years (from 1991 to present), the civil service never was. Conducted business in August 1998. for 2004/2008g. (Six years of successful / four years - no). Represent the interests of the courts of various jurisdictions in February 2002. Last mastered a profession - Surveyor / Assistant cadastral engineer from May of 2011. to March 2012.

Core competencies: Chief Accountant, Finance Manager, Chief, Branch Director, Deputy Director, managing a business, land surveyor, assistant manager, manager, private realtor, free legal advice.

The main activity - sales, business and representation in court, realtor services (land management, cadastral work, registration of real estate: apartments, houses, land).

Personal experience in real estate: private real estate agent since 1994., Secondary real estate transactions, including transactions with the contract for encumbrance (arrest, prohibition, the mortgage under the law), the donation contract, privatization, concession rights (assignment), inheritance, registration of rights in Court (acquisitive prescription, the division of property, recognition of the rights), registration of the newly formed (individual) of land.

With clients I work very well. I enjoy doing all the work himself, but even more I have time to make, when to invest their ideas and abilities of others. I consider myself a business partner to its customers: that is beneficial to them - and beneficial to me. Interested impossible mission and unusual tasks.

I live in St. Petersburg from 15.04.2012g. I love the particular job.
Perform feats:
A. Stopped smoking in 2008. after 18 years' experience. "
Two. Refused any alcohol from violent food (meat, eggs, fish) and by revenge for the injustice.
Three. Fulfilled a childhood dream - has bought a bicycle and traveled 100 miles a day.
4. He learned to drive in two categories B and C.
Five. He moved over 2000km (out of Chelyabinsk in the Velsk Arkhangelsk region) started a new life and career "from scratch".
6. Posted by Judge Belsky Raspopova district court in support of parole Lebedev (Yukos).
7. Refused to join the sect "Jehovah's Witnesses" at the request of the employer.
Eight. Velsk moved from St. Petersburg.

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