Arushi Jain

Dancer and Architect in New Delhi, India

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Welcome to Arpit Yoga Rishikesh India, Yoga is one of the ancient practices of India. Since vedic times it is in existence in India. Today it is practiced in almost every part of the world. It has become an important part of daily routine of millions. People are able to manage stress and treat various physical and mental ailments with this ancient art.

Indian yogis and yoga ashrams have played an important role to spread yoga across the world. In India you can find various renowned registered yoga institutes, schools and academies across the country. There are many cities of India that are totally dedicated to India. Rishikesh is one such city that has earned the reputation of being known as yoga capital of the world.

There are various factors that make Rishikesh a popular yoga city. Its rich yoga heritage comprises ancient yoga ashrams set up by the dedicated ancient yogis. It is a scenic hill station settled beside Himalayas. The holy river Ganges flows across the city. The climate remains pleasant across the year, winter and summers both are favorable and full of fun. These positive conditions for yoga are the main factors behind the establishment of so many renowned yoga schools in Rishikesh.