Armando Vázquez García

Monterrey, Mexico

Armando Vázquez García is a 26 year-old programmer and travel enthusiast from Monterrey, Mexico. He received his deegre in Computer Science from the Faculty of Physics-Mathematics Sciences at his local university, the UANL. At very few years of working experience, he has been climbing the professional ladder in a fast-paced manner, thanks to his competitive and never-conforming mindset. His biggest accomplishment was to be able to work in the US, which was one of his life-goals, which later on allowed him to travel to Europe to visit various historically important cities for three months.

When he is not spending his time in front of a computer screen, he likes to challenge his mind and play video games or complex board games. He tries to have a good social balance, since social networking is essential to climb the success ladder. He is not someone who enjoys bars or clubs; he would rather be with a small group of friends in a calm environment. If time and money allows it, he loves to travel and see the world; he is of the idea that we only have one life and one planet, so might as well get to know it before we “depart” from it.

He is currently taking a break from work and travel, planning his next step in his professional and personal life.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Technology Computer Science