Ariefdhianty Vibie

Bandung, Indonesia

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Hello guys! My name is Ariefdhianty Vibie Hapsari, you can call me Vibie. I'm a fiction writer who really in love with fantasy genre, but still hard to write about it, although I still try to. I'm also a fashion designer for my own business, AshShafiyya Jilbab Fashion, a muslimah fashion product. I also love to make some graphic design, but I'm still an amateur one. However, you may call me as an amateur in everything, because I don't have any specific ability, because I still don't make any proof in those which I have some interests. But I will mention my interests, such as writing, english, fashion design, home design, graphic design, guitar play, movie, cook, photography, fantasy, football, and so on. I'm also a politician, its not a joke actually. Because I have to be a politician, Islamic politician, exactly. I spread the words of Islam thoughts which is needed to be understood by all Muslim, that we need to be united in One God, One Rasul, One Quran, One Flag, and One State.

  • Work
    • AshShafiyya Jilbab Fashion
  • Education
    • English Department UNPAD