Arvid Orbeck Jr

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

A successful entrepreneur with more than thirty-five years of experience, Arvid Orbeck has defined himself as an expert in finance, fund raising, business development, marketing, sales, advertising, brand development, business administration, accounting, product research and development, and product distribution, to name a few areas. He is Founder, Chairman, and Co-Manager of Energy and Environmental Technologies, LLC, a company that purifies petroleum waste products and converts them into clean water and energy. As Co-Manager, Arvid Orbeck is responsible for strategic planning and the oil and gas applications of the company's EET Catalytic Encapsulation Technologies and Systems.

In addition, Orbeck is the founder of two other companies, Orbeck Drilling Group and Elite Steam Technologies, LLC. The latter company holds the licensing rights to a "sleeper" technology with applications in oil and gas drilling that Orbeck has introduced to the marketplace. Before this, his roles included serving as Owner, President, and/or Chairman of several companies, including the U.S. Redevelopment Agency, a non-profit organization that provides housing for people who are underprivileged; Suncoast Environmental Corporation, which patented environmental remediation technology services to the infrastructure industry. In each of the positions that Orbeck has held, he transformed those companies by either introducing new marketing strategies or researching and developing products for the business.

In his spare time, Orbeck has also given back by serving as a Recreation Commissioner for the City of Lancaster. In that role, he has helped facilitate development programs, family support programs, youth forums, and forums to address the issues of gangs and crimes in the community.

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    • Energy and Environmental Technologies, LLC