Arvind Meganathan

Designer in Bengaluru, India

Hiya, I’m Arvind. I’m a Design Engineer living in Bengaluru, India. I am a fan of running, traveling, and socializing. I have friends across 5 countries today and I speak 6 languages. I’m also interested in mountain trekking. To me, education is like breathing - I can never stop learning till I stop breathing.

I am a foodie but I never eat to compromise on fitness. I play cricket, skittles, and chess. Listening to music is my hobby, and The Weeknd is my favorite artist. Helping others is my happiness and it makes me feel satisfied and happy on my own too.

I love cooking with my mom, and often we have small cooking competitions, with my mom almost always winning. I also spend time with my siblings and other family members, especially my nephews, who are the apples of my eye. I am yet to meet my adorable new niece, who lives in Florida.

My goals are large, so are my efforts. I resonate with business-minded people. I believe in aspiring for the best, and this is why Rotman is on my target list!

For all who have lost hope in humanity, I would say, "meet me once". I spend my spare time in volunteerism (Causes: Environment and Human) and genuinely believe that no matter how small our efforts, we can always make a difference.

Two main attributes of mine that you need to know: Assertiveness and Fearlessness. One mantra I always keep chanting: "A failure is not a failure unless you fail to learn from it"

  • Education
    • Visvesvaraya Technological University