Arvind Venkataramani

Design Researcher in San Francisco, California

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I make connections across boundaries, for the perspectives thus revealed.

For 12 years I've helped organizations understand people, practices and the fit between lives and products, and thence identifying opportunities for new products and services. At SonicRim, a co-creation innovation consultancy, I specialise in the 'fuzzy front end' – the complex space of ambiguity in a business domain where new products and business models are not obvious, predictable or even visible.

My work includes research into healthcare, mobile technologies, transportation, communication, gaming, housework, and education for clients such as Google, Microsoft, HP, Genentech, and Ford amongst others. My expertise includes ethnographic and other user research, visual thinking, facilitation, and interaction design.

Of late, I have been studying the organizational infrastructures required for innovation, and how to create them. This means looking at the relationship between design & research, making and thinking, process and content, institutions and practices, values and culture – and how to integrate them together into something sustainable. I am currently working on a primer on co-creation, the first drafts of which will be published on my blog.