Arwa Alhamed

Student in Parma Heights, Ohio

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Arwa Alhamed is a student living in Cleveland, Ohio. She is from Saudi Arabia. She is a fan of cooking, food, and photography, and is also interested in education and technology. She is married, and has two daughters. Her mother named her Arwa, which is an Arabic feminine name that means “gracefulness and beauty,” “liveliness,” and “softness.”

She has a bachelor’s degree in English. She came to the USA to pursue her education and get a master’s degree in TESOL. She will graduate and get her master’s degree in Spring 2017.

She came to the USA in 2013. She lived in Seattle, WA, for one year and a half, and studied at an ESL school in Seattle, where she earned many achievement certificates.

While living in the USA, she learned different cultures, customs, and some traditions in teaching. She has a passion for teaching. She trained teaching for several months when she was a student at her city’s college. Living in the USA gave Arwa Alhamed an opportunity to learn how teachers use various strategies that meet all their students’ needs. Her goal is teaching curricula by using new modern strategies and technology tools. She would encourage her students to use technology to help them keep up with the upcoming world.

Arwa Alhamed and cooking have a closer relationship. She likes to cook traditional dishes such as Kabsa, which is a mixed rice and chicken dish. In her free time, she bakes different types of cakes, such as cheesecake, Basbousa, and Bundt cakes.

Because she lives far away from her family, she contacts them by using various social media apps, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and FaceTime.

Purpose of my e-Portfolio

This ePortfolio includes examples of my personal and professional progress as a graduate student. In the home page, there are my collection works that show my learning journey over time. In this portfolio, one Standard from ISTE NETS for Teachers is covered, which is "Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity". Through cooperative learning PowerPoint, I was able to "engage students in exploring real world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources."I created this ePortfolio for students. This ePortfolio is to store my files for future and use them as resources to my students. By this ePortfolio,

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