Arya Nair

HR in Bengaluru, India

I am a twenty-something, sassy Southerner born and brought up in the grape city of Maharashtra. I had lived all my life in this small sunny city.

Professionally qualified as an HR, I currently work in an IT Company in Technopark. . With passion I discover HR paths, deepening my knowledge and experience at creating supportive working environment .Observes and analyzes the latest HR trends, blogging about HR and everything around me. I am a versatile Geminian, with a gift of gag and huge dreams,who is happiest when in the heart of my family and close friends. I’m addicted to ice-cream and eat far too much of it. Within the next few years I will be happy to share my newly gained experience.

Thank you so much for stopping by my page- Arya

  • Education
    • MBA -HR