Arya Pratama

Here I will explain that my name Arya Pratama, wondering why it was given the same name Mother father caves do not ask me. I reiterate once again that I am a man, it's not boyband. For the ladies should go read my profile, for a guy ask me for closing this page!!, Because I'm not a boy band or HOMO.

I am confused which one?? wearing my blue shirt left. I'm sure if I was looking. It was Mother ane opinion, and what he says is usually always right.

I was born in one hospital in the city of Batam, and it makes me live, grow, schools in batam. I do not want to get out of here because I'm the type of person the faithful, but it is also because I have no money to leave town. Do not know where batam? Open maps, clay singapore country, a little down, a little to the right. Well, that's it.

Batam is everything, but not too everything. However, what I need I can still look at batam. Shops, boutiques, spas, resorts, beaches, malls, hangouts teeny places, and many more, is all in Batam. Bored?? Take a passport, a little to the left, up to the top and you are now in singapore.

Interested? Why not visit it? I am willing to be toor guied in batam, and I will not charge. you can reach me at +6285765507829 or, who knows you like to visit Batam.