Arianna Sertoli

New York

I was born in Italy and have traveled the world ever since.

I studied at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), received a 200hr Teacher Trainer certificate fromYoga Works and a pre-natal teacher training with Integral yoga teacher at Bend and Bloom.

I grew up being introduced to many foods, from a typical italian diet to an asian macrobiotic one. I enjoyed greens and the thrill of new tastes.

Balance can often take a lifetime to master without the right tools. You should have goals in life to give you a purpose and once achieved you will feel great about yourself. I was always interested in clean and healthy food, I grew up in a pretty health conscious family in Italy, were fresh produce at the market and seasonal food were a must. With IIN I was able to dig dipper in what I already know. Food is important for the well being of the human body, as is having a physical routine.

I do yoga to help my mind settle, my body flow properly, and to make me feel at ease and happy. It is my hobby and also my passion. I look forward to sharing my world with you!

Cooking is my passion and teaching people how healthy food can be fun and easy is my purpose.

Contact me for cooking classes, yoga privates or small groups and one on one health coaching sessions.

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