Saurabh Arya

Entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder in New Delhi, India

Saurabh Arya

Entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder in New Delhi, India

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Totsmart Education

Revolutionizing how we teach our kids

Kids don't even realize we are there. We are invisible and yet make their learning fun and personalized.

What started in 2013 as a proof of concept has come a long way. We now count 400+ schools & 50K+ students as customers.

Professional Life

As a former Product Manager with P&G & a Category Manager with Airtel, I have had a pretty fulfilling and rewarding Professional career. After 8 years in the corporate world and being known across the board as a Mobile Expert, I decided to let go.

Let go of life as I knew it. Let go of a 9-5 job, presentations & reviews, coffee breaks & some awesome colleagues, red-eye flights & free lunches, and much more. Instead, I decided to focus entirely on my Work Plan. So much that I chose to redraw it completely. And when it came out, it was different. But it was way bigger in scope and much more challenging. That is what I am after now, 24X7.

It reads - Personalized Learning for Masses.


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Know Sports Know life, No Sports No Life

Do-ito ergo sum -> I do, therefore I am

La vida es bella-> Life is beautiful

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