Arye Vieder

Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel

I am a Photography Artist & a Blogger based in Israel. Specializes in Portrait Photography. For the last twenty years I am documenting the lifes' events of my family and friends. It all started when my father passed me his old olympus pen on our first trip abroad: I was just twelve-years old. The hypnotic hobby becomes a life assignment after graduating my Bachelors of Arts Degree (2011) in Jerusalem. I am currently photographing children on their first years, between 0-5 or so. It is a very sensitive work and I'm amazed how such small children react good to a Photographer's instructions, exposing their emotions. I Prefer to photograph outside, on the street or on location & also to explore nature. Internet App. Addict. Love animals. Voting for a healthier environment.

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  • Education
    • B.A at HADASSAH College Academy, Jerusalem