Ma. Lyra Piezas


Hey guys! I'm from Philippines. Currently a freelance graphic designer and an accounting staff with a passion of fashion styles, artworks (graphic arts), blogging, and photography. Fashion styles, fashion is so fabulous. It caught my attention to wear fashion dresses, accessories, and shoes. It turns me from ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. And makes me look attractive and more fashionable. Artworks, since my childhood I was known to my classmates, friends, and instructors of my creativeness and stylish. I am using now Adobe Photoshop in making my graphic artworks. I've learn lots of tricks by watching some video tutorials and applying it. I will never stop using this coz' it helps me to earn and it didn't stop me from learning more. Photography, when my sister-in-law went abroad then she gave me authorized to use and take good care of her DSLR Nikon Camera. It comes to my mind, what if I try to use this one. Got interested on photography huhh. Keep capturing photos until I can capture the best one. I am not proficient but still I have a little knowledge. Indeed, I am thankful to God of giving all of those things.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science