Arylex Herbicides

Selective herbicides in Bélgica

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In general at the mesure that the products that Arylex cointains start to obtain a register we give a glips of its development to the leader of the global project, François Lucas. In fact, around a decade of fabrication, Arylex is an inovative active ingridient that says François ‘personifies the reputation we have for innovation’.

Aswell, it starts describing the process of investigation and development. It takes around eight and ten years in average to make a new active ingrident and between four and five years to take the a new formulation for the market. In the same way, as it can be imagined, each ptoyect implies a great quantity of persons and resources of what it means that our phase of investigation that has to be efficient and precise.

On the other hand, François tells that Arylex was born from a pioneer spirit inside the DAS that sustains a long term compromise for the creation of higly efficient solucions for the agricultures. We are also an enterprise that focuses on real innovation. Following on 1985 we introduced fluroxipir and Isoxabeno, while fifteen years ago we brought the first triazoloprimidinas florasulam to the market followed by piroxsulam and penoxsulam.

However, anticipating its impact, François makes clear the key deference between Arylex and alternatives. There are many new products that come out to the market, but the most of them are made with existing active ingridients, and at the same time its true that they offer something new, they are evolutives more than revolutionaries. Basically, being completely new mediums that Arylex offers a series of important benefits.

At the same time, Arylex has pased into new and more strict regulations, very rapidely. For this reason, the security for the user and consumer is the most important in the buisness and its excellent security profile is exampled by the itslow usage rates and the rapid degradation of grounds and plants.

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