Arynn McKenzie

Seattle, WA

I'm a recently minted educator and HUGE history dweeb. History is my first true love, my second is teaching, and adventure rounds it out for an even three.

I am occasionally asked why I love history so much. The reasons are, well I think, obvious. It is LITERALLY the story of the human condition! It is the story of every man, woman, and child on the face of the planet since the beginning of humanity. Children are born. The elderly die. There is lust, betrayal, discovery, abandonment, despair, romance, war, peace, murder, and redemption. Kings are toppled, fortunes lost, and secrets revealed. In their wake commoners have risen to power, wealth and glory. There’s great beauty and greater horror. There are Explosions. And in the end? EVERYONE DIES.

The best part is, I chose a profession where I get to talk about how amazing the thing I love is everyday to a captive audience. Seriously, how cool is that? I branched out a bit while I was in school and decided to minor in teaching English. If you want to wield the hammer of history and civics you will need a strong arm to do it with.

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