Seongnam, Korea

Be the kind of woman that, when your feet hit the floor every morning, the devil says, 'Oh, crap. She's up!

But I'm a graveyard shift type of person. So maybe this quote doesn't suit me properly. Hi! I'm Anika Ryana Shinobu in the middle of her twenties' midlife crisis. ㅋㅋㅋOh! and those are Korean characters. I'm not Korean but my life would simply come along with it. I'm also not a Japanese, might as well clear your querries up before anyone made stereotyping.

I am an annoying mood-swinger when I have "those days". I look like a person that's hard to deal with. Mysterious and a snob. I am used to those kind of first impressions thingy that people think of. But it's ok, those adjectives make me unforgettable.

Basically, I wake up with my phone in my hands and sweet good morning IM's from my loved ones. Am I too good to be a little devil with angels on my side uh? Besides from that, I also end up my day by checking my blogs and wishing this single person in my life a sweet goodnight.

I'm not pretty in the morning but I insist that I am. Even if my face is bloated, I puff and huff till it's ok. I'm not like runaway models but I'd like to dress what I want. I'm not a bookworm or a philosopher but I have wisdom when you twist my nuts. I am a bathroom singer and an inspiring acapella duo with my love. I look like tough but I am worse than that. This might not be a good bio but I'm keeping it real. Rather than to impress you reader, I wanna say what I feel.

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    • Freelancer of Everything
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    • Philippine Normal University Manila Campus-Philippines