arysa qistina

Student in Serdang, Malaysia

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Assalamualaikum. My name is Arysa Qistina binti Nik Khamsani and I was born in Hospital Besar Kuching, Sarawak. Currently I'm staying at Kelantan. I'm a degree in Park and Recreational Science student in UPM. Since I was young, art is my passion and it keeps inspiring my life. I love painting, drawing, decorating. I also love to learn and try new stuffs. By the way, I have drew two paintings already with watercolor and acrylic. I'm a tolerant and non-judgmental person.

To me, education is absolutely necessary in order to have a successful career. I have many different goals in life and my education has helped me to reach most of those goals. Goals that I had yet to achieve are owning a house, a car and many more.

To be a better person, I learnt a lot of things through my experiences. My family, friends, teachers and also lecturers, they really supports me in my journey. For an example, they gave me compliments whenever I achieved good results and offered their hands to pull me up to success. Even not that much but it did lit up the fire of motivation inside myself. I'm really thankful for them to be on my side through thick and thin. I think that's all about me. Bye bye

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    • Universiti Putra Malaysia