Ary Sarkar

San Francisco, CA

Ary Sarkar is currently the Chairman and CEO of Arable Corporation, which develops easy-to-use software for the clinical trial industry. He had had the opportunity to create a global market for a wide range of products and services in previous positions with Agro Solutions, Inc.; Octagon Research Solutions, Inc.; Ninaza; and IG2000 Corporation.

Ary Sarkar has been honored a number of times throughout his career, including lengthy list of awards conferred by the state of California. He was awarded Certificates of Recognition from the California State Assembly and Governor Gray Davis in 2003, and from the City and County of San Francisco and the California State Assembly in 2004. In 2005 Ary Sarkar received the National Leadership Award from the United States Congress. His strong track record indicates that many more awards could be in his future.

  • Work
    • Chairman & CEO at Arable Corporation
  • Education
    • Modern Institute of Management