Amy Zunk

Amy is an oddity in her day job, a female computer engineer who can write. She has been in the IT community going on 16 years, and aside from the occasional run in with a pointy-haired boss type, still likes what she does. Amy is a 100% gadgetgrrl, starting with the her first PDA, a Palm Pilot III all the way through her current sidearm, a T-Mobile Comet. She suffers technolust like any good gadgetgrrl, but its always tempers with whether it will match her shoes and handbag. She is a multi-platform geek, enjoying Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and Android. She also tends to run them all through her virtual environment set up at home. Luckily, her fiancée doesn't seem to mind, as long as he can get to his ham radio set up. Amy lives in Florida with her fiancee and their three cats, Angel, Isis and Gracie. And, she is never sure which needs more watching.