Arzalious Davis

On June 30th, 1992, I came into this world as Arzalious CaMone Davis in Little Rock, AR. I was born into a world full of anger and regret but I did not let that control my life as well as my future. I attended school in the Helena-West Helena School District but graduated from Barton High School of the Barton-Lexa School District. As a class of 2011 graduate i made it my goal to make sure that i never live hand and foot in the future. I set my goals and i succeeded with a full ride to the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR. I have chosen Early Childhood Education as my major and in 2015 i hope to have completed my work and go straight to work in the education field. Many opportunities were not made for young students in Helena, AR but that did not stop myself from achieving my goals. When you have no opportunities presented to yourself, you make opportunities and that is what i did with my life. I hold no regrets to my decisions i have made whether they are good or bad, but i will not dwell on the past because it does not determine my future.