Arzan Sam Wadia

Arzan Sam Wadia

Currently based in New York but originally and permanently from Bombay [Mumbai].

An architect and urban designer at Cook+Fox Architects,

A web designer, system and network admin, and CAD|BIM consultant.

Involved in Scouting, Parsi and Zoroastrian matters and Motorcycle Riding.

Alumni of the Rizvi College of Architecture.

My motorcycle here in the city is my most treasured material possession, and I ride it 9 months in the year.

Besides writing on News Views and Analysis I also run

Parsi Khabar, a blog about Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India.

A born foodie, I love to taste different food, and as a rule in life never say no to something the first time around. The vast cuisines and choices have made me a “food snob”, and I cannot tolerate inferior taste.

The things that happen in everyday life are here !!