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Daniel Galbinisteanu

Freelancer, IT Consultant in Municipiul București, România

I'm a gadgets freak, especially Windows, Meego, Windows Phone & Sailfish OS's gadgets, who try to discover and reveal anything about that...

I work for some companies, for more that 5 years, as a device tester, receiving devices unreleased on the market.

I have enough knowledge in IT and at this moment, i work by my self as a consultant in this domain, for some clients, including companies.

Talking about my profesional experience, the most beautiful job i ever had, it was in a commerce company, where i work for about 7½ years, since january 2005.

I start as a administrative department employer, but stet by step, after 2 months i pass to sales department and after almost one year , i was promoted as a sales manager....

I like to spend time meeting people and to find out their needs.

I hope you like my profile, and If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to find me.