Aditya Sharma

Student and Product Manager in California

I am a student at heart, an innovator by passion and a leader by nature.

My desire to learn has kept me on my toes, throughout my life. I chose to become an engineer to fulfill this thirst for knowledge. My decision to become a consultant was driven by the desire to learn about implementation of skills across various domains. My latest major decision of getting an MBA degree was triggered by the fascination to see the big picture of various actions.

All this accumulation of knowledge was useless, if I did not use it for the good. As I learnt more, I started connecting various pieces of puzzle and solving problems. At Amity I worked on message encryption and decryption in a JPEG image. At Accenture, I built an in-house project management tool to implement agile and at Georgetown, I founded my own venture to solve unmet networking need of students.

All this would not have been possible, without sharing my vision with collaborators and friends. I was successfully able to communicate the need of these innovations to my team. My team always showed confidence in my vision, passion and assessment, while helping me steer initiatives in a positive direction.

That is why I believe that I am a Student, an Innovator and a Leader!

  • Education
    • Amity School of Engineering & Technology
    • McDonough School of Business