Åsa Enström Garnström

Stockholm, Sweden

My name is Åsa and I'm an Environmental Scientist from Sweden, with both Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Environmental Science, specialising in Sustainable Development, Communication, Politics and Fisheries.

In my life I have gotten the privilege to travel around the world, and amongst these travels I lived in Australia for half a year. My travels have given me a perspective on life and showed everything on this earth that is worth saving.

I am now back in Sweden, ready to get my hands dirty and I am looking for a position within the environmental sector in Sweden, and in the future maybe even Australia. My passion for environmental issues drives me to explore the wide spectrum of areas that my field encompasses and, although my long-term aim is to work within Fisheries, I would be extremely glad to have the experience to work within any environmental area.

If you would like anymore information regarding my previous work, or education, please do not hesitate to contact me.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

  • Education
    • Bachelor in Environmental Science
    • Master of Science - Environmental Sciene