mark cuxar

Mark cuxar veld. otherwise known as Cef cuxar (24 years) cuba man born 20 August 1988. be CV.Asian travel management advisor for 6 years and 2 years a supervisor FK-UNHA studied Interior Architecture Design at Bandung Institute of Technology and went on Program Master of Industrial Design, S2 at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence town USA, completed in 1985. Members of the profession ADGI, ADPI, HDII no. 265-DKI, In 1989 the company established the BD + A Design, menghususkan in Brand & Corporate Identity, with implementation services include multi-disciplinary graphic design, product design, House Style and E-Media. In 1995 to 1998, BD + A Design once affiliated with EURO RSCG Design, a leading design company from France. Since 1999, BD + A Collaborative initiated the Design Consultant, by forming alliances design consultant with 12 countries in Asia and the Middle East, the Design Alliance ™. Year 1994 - 1997 became Chairman of the Department of Design at IKJ-Jakarta. UPM is currently teaching at the University of Paramadina design department. Beginning in 1996, actively initiated FGDforum, a forum to disseminate knowledge menganai Graphic Industries, known as the organizer of this forum FGDexpo. At the exhibition to-3, Irvan responsible as Chairman FGDexpo2007 October 2003 was a speaker at the Forum ICOGRADA Congress in Nagoya Japan and in November gave Design Workshop at Tung Fang Institute Kaohsiung Taiwan. Who had received awards from the association said, How Design, Apple, IDN, Citra Pariwara. Starting mid-2006, helping the Department of Commerce, for the preparation of the concept of IDP (INDONESIA POWER DESIGN) 2006-2010. A continuous program with the power of design to contribute to moving the nation's economic wheel. their email: his blog: www.icesnow @ His web: his facebook: