Asaad Khattab

Student in Louisville, Kentucky

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Greetings! Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Asaad Khattab and I'm a Full Stack Web developer. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Eastern Kentucky University. I also have an Associate of Science and an Associate of Art from Big Sandy - KCTCS.

I'm a Syrian-American born in Ohio and raised in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I am the eldest among my three beloved siblings (two sisters and a brother). We lived in Pikeville, Paintsville, and Prestonsburg. In Arabic, my full name means "Happiest Sermon-Giver", respectively. My parents named me after my grandpa and our first name is different than Asad or Assad, which means a lion.

Blogging, reading, and writing is what I enjoy to do. After being in the Honors Program for two years, I learned to develop a passion for community service, personal growth, and lifelong learning.

Best Regards,
Asaad Khattab III

  • Education
    • Eastern Kentucky University
    • University of Kentucky
    • Big Sandy Community & Technical College