ASA College

ASA College helps students from all backgrounds realize their dreams of educational and career advancement. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, ASA College operates a student-centered and career-focused array of programs, complemented by a complete athletics department. Importantly, ASA College gives students access to a rich support network both during and after their time in school. Student resources and services include libraries, personal career advisors, a learning center, and unlimited, free tutoring. Students at ASA College can choose to participate in a number of extracurricular activities like organizations, clubs, and associations, some of which may have direct or indirect career benefits. One such organization is The Peers for Careers Club, which holds events, workshops, and tours to help students become better acquainted with professionals in their selected field. Through this popular club, students at ASA College can network with each other and form lasting relationships that will serve them throughout their careers and personal lives for years to come. Externships are another valuable service offered by ASA College’s career service department. By matching students with a successful company in their field, the department helps students develop hands-on skills, build a solid foundation for employment, integrate classroom lessons with work experience, and network with established professionals. Students also have the opportunity to observe the work ethic of business colleagues and to learn how to fit into different corporate environments. Considered an integral part of students’ understanding of their chosen careers, externships are a three-credit course required in all associate degree programs at ASA College.