Ammar Asad

Digital Marketing Manager in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Reporting, Dashboards, Performance Scorecards,Campaign Execution plus Analysis, Predictive & Segmentation Modelling,Design Roadmap, Formulate Key Analysis, Spy reports, Strategy & AcquisitionCampaigns.


Digital Marketing Manager , Feb 2012 Current working on employment Visa.

· Expert in spy report ,charts, using live web analytics giving overview of all competitors best running adwords, keywords of competitors helping in online advertisement.

· Unique Client Accusition Technique using Google DoubleClick ad-serving http cookie, to track from company website first time visitors travel from website to website plus record all commercial advertisements viewed while browsing.

· Updating facebook pixel in company website’s header, as google analytics. Facebook pixel tool that allows to track, report on customer activity and re-target advertising to the customer’s Facebook feed.

· Expertised in Facebook Pixel Analytics to Measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns, track,target audience detailed information of your customer’s activity on your website.

· Regular update plus Comparision report with Competitors.

· Expert in Analyzing Advertisement Results using Google Analytics.

· DEMOGRAPHIC Ads : Target ad to people based on location like age , gender & City.

· FIRMOGRAPHIC Ads : IP Address of company tracing. Plus 10am till 6pm time trace.

· BEHAVIOUR Ads : Get the exact websites on every day (Sunday to Saturday)

· INTERESTS Ads : Retrive log device details of iphone , android mobile , windows or Symbian.

· GEOGRAPHIC Ads : Get exact Geographic Location (Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Ajman,)

· WEBSITE MARKETING: Retrive email from subscription selected or form fill up.

· Obtain Exact keyword used by maximum clients and the trend of visitors.

· Extract the right keyword testing from live A / B Testing .

· Identify BIDDING to get the right keyword ads to get loaded on google first page first rank.

· Retrive,identify,analyse,filter regular client leads to follow up with marketing & sales to be completed.

· Monitor,measure,report the effectiveness of each digital campaign plus ensure a high ROI campaign.

· Ability to analyse each campaign and restructure based on findings and trends in the market.

· As per budget google add words (Paid Ads Campaign) and can show good results on a regular basis.

· Campaign Monthly impressions,Monthly clicks,Average monthly conversion from traffic to lead,Co