Asad Ammar

Digital Marketing Manager in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Plan:Lead generation, Lead management, Campaign analytics, Channel ROItracking.

Strategy:Creativeout of box thinker , Exceeding expectations, Idea generation.

Goal:Analize modern Channels Social media, Mobile, Campaigns, Resources,Customer data.


DigitalMarketing Manager

Feb2012 till today ,, DUBAI,

WEBANALYTICS- SpyAnalysisof your competitors and their sites to determine their strengths andweaknesses, using analytics technology, trends plus aware about newmarketing Analytics platform Marketo, Aprimo, (Eloqua-Oracle,Neolane-Adobe and Unica-IBM).

Strategy-Analyzing advertisement results using google analytics results usingmetric & segments,precisetargeting, advanced tracking and analytics, A/B testing forallCPA campaigns.

Goal-Drivenew business approaching with various influencers within prospects’key goals, workflows, and needs through in-person and remote meetingsunderstanding historical and trending characteristics landscape,Problem-solving by developing creative and innovative structures andsolutions, developing, negotiating and structuring long-termrelationships with clients as per analytics trend and reports.

PPC/ PAID ADS-Alltypes of ads for promotion like video ads , text ads, floating ads, overlay ads, expanding ads, trick banner ads, news feed ads,sponsored stories, boosted posts, sponsored updates, display ads,interstitial ad, search ads, sponsored links, or paid search, bidads,sponsorship ads, email ads, newsletter ads, online ads, affiliateads, blogs ads, news ads, white papers ads, e-books ads, infographicsads, case studies ads, radio ads, TV ads, film ads, facebook ads,twitter ads, youtube ads, pinterest ads, linkedIn ads.

Plan-Spyreport of other competitors using high return rate keywords,optimizationof Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns, keyword analysis toimprove traffic quality ,recommended changes to improve CPC, CTR,CPL, CPA and ROI.

Strategy-interactivemarketing campaigns (planning, execution, and analysis) acrossdigital channels (Display, SEM, CSEs, and Affiliates) traffickedmanaged placements with delivery of display ads using advancedtargeting tactics, i.e. retargeting, behavioral.

Goals-Trainedall clients sales staff on all digital content, pricing, and salesstrategy, developed internal sales process for all digital mediasales, created and monetized new digital ad positions and programs.

APPOPTIMIZE-Aself-serve mobile DSP using real-time bidding technolo