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'Ammar Pasha' Ammar Pasha Is a Web Developer and Socialist .Ammar Pasha is the owner And CEO of Buzzerslog Ammar Pasha is the Manger Of Pakistani Blogging and Domain Appraising Company Ammar Pasha And Co . He is also the CEO Of Blueblog , Wimps Registrars and Awesome Incorporation .Ammar Pasha is Also a Part Of OYES Community , He was Originally Listed by Crushers The Young Niter Of Pakistan . He was in 2013 Reported as a Big Ponzi Scammer that the Company Ammar Pasha had Illegal Domains For Free which was then Counted as a Fake Report . He lives with his family in Rawalpindi . And now at the moment has a Networth of Estimated 4m . ( Reports by Craiglister AhmedrrAr ) Ammar Pasha Was Also Found a Very Good Responsive Managing Director Of G_D , and Ammar Pasha was also the first from Pakistan to Participate . Buzzerslog Has a Trust Rating of 87 % and is a Certified Webiste , with no backlinks and Breakings . Ammar Pasha is now studying in the City School and is in Grade 8TH . At this level of Maturity Ammar Pasha is a Self made Man Interests On Pasha's Facebook page, he listed his personal interests as "openness, making things that help people connect and share what's important to them, revolutions, information flow, minimalism".[136] Pasha sees blue best because of red–green color blindness; blue is also Facebook's dominant color.[137]

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