Asad Omar Cheema

Pakistan, Lahore

I have been in the flying profession for over thirty years now, (Maashallah). Piloted fighter planes in the Pakistan Air Force for fifteen years and later joined the national airline PIA to enjoy travel and fulfill my childhood dream of seeing the wonderful world we live in. I have been to over thirty five countries and have traveled around the world, literally, twice. The first time from east to the west and the second time from west to east. My travels were mostly during annual vacations and to carefully planned destinations. In one year we drove by car all across Europe covering eight countries while in another year did around the same number of them by euro-rail. In yet another, with my wife and kids we drove from the the north to south and then east to west of USA going from New York to Miami and then from San Francisco to San Diego. Australia became our favorite family destination as we all loved its weather and its non discriminatory people and thus we went there two years in a row. We then drove all along the coastline from Brisbane to Melbourne via Sydney and Canberra. Canadian outback we enjoyed driving across from Toronto to Vancouver which is seven thousand kilometers one way alone and on the way back we selecting a different route in a twenty five day trip and had fun of a lifetime ALHAMDULILLAH encompassing the natural beauty of the Canadian heartland. On yet another occasion we saw Honolulu in the Hawaiian Islands of the Pacific and saw the intense Polynesian culture.

During my travels I came across numerous wonderful people from around the world and have developed a continuing friendship with many people belonging to varied cultures of the world. The associations thus developed have had a distinct influence on my personality to continue my passion of seeing first hand the wonderful world we live in and thus keeps me going for other travel destinations as and when it becomes possible.

  • Work
    • Airline Pilot
  • Education
    • B Sc Avionics