Asadullah Khalid

Asad Khalid is an youth activist and by education he is studying Chartered Accountancy. He is an International licensee of two TEDx events moreover a certified trainer and event coordinator in world's largest volunteered based organization, International Association for Human Values(IAHV).He has a diversified experience with relation to working with many NGOs on different projects from Sexual Reproductive Health(SRH) rights, stress releasing courses to India Pakistan friendship. He has attended many youth conferences and has great communication skills through which he can persuade other easily. He does a little bit of photography and love to be alone with the nature in his casual time. He has such an immense power to look every problem faced by him as an opportunity and through his positive attitude he really makes it happen too. In his early stage of life, he has understood the key factor to live a happy life which is to accept people as they are and never be judgmental.