Zack They/he 🦁✨

Artist in Los Angeles, California

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✨🦁hello my name is zack!! I'm 16 years old and my pronouns are they/he. you can call me zack or any of my ids!!


•Asahi azumane (Haikyuu)

•Anna (k project)

•ren (dmmd)

•Harvey (harvey beaks)

•Gray (fairy tail)

•Yuki cross (vampire knight)

•Hisomu (kiznaiver)

•Sayaka (madoka magica)

•Doppo kunikida (bungo stray dogs)

•Erika frog (soul eater)

•Anais watterson (tawog)

•Morty (Rick and Morty)

•Yato (noragami)

🦁- I'm a very friendly person and I love making friends !! feel free to dm me if you wanna talk!! but I also have really bad anxiety so I worry that I am bothering you or being annoying . also I panic when people ignore me !! so please do not ignore me !!

✨- I really love cartoons and anime so much!! they make me really happy !! and I love meeting people from the same show as me !! so if we share a canon tell me !! :O I also really love haikyuu it means so much to me!! I also really love kpop so please if you have anything against it please don't make fun of me!!

🍄-don't follow if :

- youre homophobic and/or transphobic

- you hate/ spy follow

- you don't see me as my kins

- you are 20+

- have anything against my kins

🍉do follow if-

- you wanna be friends!!

- we share a canon

- we have the same interests

🦁✨things that comfort me!!:

- space



-animals (lions/cats/dogs/bunnies)


To follow please send me "🦁"