Asher Salik

Asher Salik is an incoming student at Bentley University in Waltham, MA planning to major in Economics and Finance with a minor in Media and Culture. Asher has made a name for himself by inititating several startups including AcademX Inc, Ambrosia Tutoring, and Wired Catalyst. With a fierce interdisciplinary mindset, Asher enjoys tackling problems with both sides of the brain, often finding inspiration in art and literature for the market. Asher was the President and Co-Founder of the BC Stock Market Club and holds many academic accolades for science, business, and academic competition. Using his passion for emerging enterprises and creativity, Asher hopes to enter investment banking and ideally a finance position in the menswear industry. With Asher's motivated personality and the versatility of his knowledge, he is prepared to take on any modern challenge. To exercise the right side of his brain, Asher enjoys literature, poetry, and visiting art museums.

  • Work
    • Co-Founder at AcademX Inc.
  • Education
    • Bethlehem Central High School
    • Syracuse University
    • Brown University School of Continuing Studies